Freeman Houses

The first phase of the project consists of preservation of the existing building thru structural stabilization and exterior restoration for weather tightness of the house. The initial design phase includes exterior architectural design that focuses on period preservation of 1888 and restoration of the exterior of the buildings. This includes demolition of deteriorated portions of the original period structure and replacement with an addition.

We utilized multiple resources such as on site investigations, National Register Application, historians, owner, Sanborn maps, photographs, and other resources available to determine the appropriate preservation period of 1882, the finish materials, level of deterioration, reconstruction/replaced items and ultimate use and historic importance of the house.

The structural stabilization includes restoring, support and reconstructing floor, roof and wall framing. The reconstructed floor, roof and wall framing will be like materials of the original and sized to meet current codes and loads. The house will be raised and reset on new foundations. This work will also include rough and finish carpentry, sitework, masonry and concrete.

The new walls for the addition to replace the existing deteriorated porch will match the historic house. The footprint of the addition will match the footprint of the original structure. A new stoop and stairs will be added for exiting. This work will include rough carpentry, sitework, rough and finish carpentry, plaster, painting.